Saturday, November 27, 2010

IF: Savour

In the film Jurassic park there's a great scene where the T-Rex chomps down on a lawyer and seems to really enjoy it. Taking this to the obvious conclusion James Farlow in his book 'The complete Dinosaur' worked out it would take 292 lawyers each weighing 68 kilograms 150 LBs) to keep a 4 ton T-Rex fed for a year.

Though lawyers are one option I would prefer to start with politicians as they tend to be fatter, more stupid and cause most of the problems in the world.

Even as a long time vegetarian I think its a great idea and we should be making every effort on the cloning front to bring them back, we could even keep one at the houses of parliament, it would really bring in the tourists.

Anyway I thought this called for a ‘new scientist' type diagram to really bring home the benefits.


Marie Campbell said...[Reply to comment]

I thought you were joking when you said you were going to draw a dinosaur eating a politician! Love the diagram style, it really works.

Artbyphil said...[Reply to comment]

@Marie Campbell

Ha, I never joke when it comes to politicians. I did however go for the less gory option :)

ArtSnark said...[Reply to comment]

fun! Great idea

Janet illustrator said...[Reply to comment]

Cool post and illustration