Sunday, June 19, 2011

IF: Launch

Well seeing his weeks subject I automatically thought of a space rocket, but rather than just do some generic one I thought I'd delve into my TV viewing past. I was always a big fan of the Gerry Anderson "Supermarionation" series and remember watching them all the time as a kid. There still fun now actually but the strings become more noticeable as you get older :)

Thunderbirds which ran from (1964–1966) was one of the most famous. My favorite was always Thunderbird 3 for some reason, It really seemed like a good retro rocket design so here's my take on it.


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Great rocket and very cool background.

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I loved Thunderbirds! (although when I look at it now it seems painfully slow; "we've got three minutes to save the world!" and then they proceeded to waste two of those three minutes on getting to their ships using their fancy automated system :D) Anyway, I love this! (it's obviously stirring something in my memory :D)