Saturday, August 20, 2011

IF: Influence

The first thing that came to mind for this was the evil box of influence that sits innocently in the corner of most peoples homes. Though it may have some potential for good it also influences people for the worst and as been a major tool in the dumbing down of society. It also, if we let it steals a lot of our time that would be better spent doing something else.

Rather than just any TV I thought I'd do a nice Orwellian one, someone who foresaw the possibility of screens being everywhere and constantly bombarding us with trivia and propaganda wherever we are.


Marie said...[Reply to comment]

Fantastic! I love the perspective too, it gives the impression the TV set is revered.

Melissa Mackie said...[Reply to comment]

nice perspective... it feels like I am sitting on the floor watching tv.

Lucy Autrey Wilson said...[Reply to comment]

Nice blog and website!